Our Story

We are part of a wider farming family (Grassington Rangers).  We all run our own organic egg farms (see below).
Finty and Flo are very lucky to have all their relatives so close by.


We took over running Grassington Farm, North Chailey, in 2003 when mum and dad (Peter and Liz), retired from farming.

Each day our lovely hens lay between 12 and 17 000 scrumptious organic, free-range eggs that are sold in supermarkets nationwide. The hens are let out first thing in the morning and charge towards our ancient woodland areas on the farm to explore. It’s a wonderful sight.


Mum and dad set up ‘Grassington Rangers’ in 1985 and were one of the first farms to supply free range eggs to the supermarkets, later progressing into organic egg farming.

Our amazing Gran and Great Gran, was a farmer during the 2nd World War and until her retirement. She sold free range eggs locally……so it’s in the genes. She lived until she was 102. Gran only recently passed away and we all miss her hugely.

Both Richard’s brother Andrew and his sister Susie also run their own organic egg farms in the Sussex countryside. All of the cousins also get fully involved in farm life. Susie’s family have even been filmed for kids’ tv.

Susie recently appeared on television with Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty fighting the cause for pullet or ‘mini’ eggs. Susie’s farm is called The Macs Farm and currently our eggs are also sold and packaged under that name and sold in Tesco.


Rich & Jo
We first met in 1994 when we worked for an egg marketing company. Little did we realise that one day, we’d be marketing our own organic eggs and looking after our own flock of 18000 hens.


In 2001 we had the privilege of becoming parents for the first time to Finty. Finty often egg collects for us but her favourite past time is playing piano and guitar.


Then came Florence who has always loved being with the hens, (as you can see from this baby pic) and she still loves being outdoors as much as possible. When she’s not on the farm she loves playing netball and cricket.