Hen Hospital


Unfortunately the phrase ‘hen-pecked’ is not just a myth. Hens can at times be very mean to each other and particularly like to pick on the weakest amongst them. Due to that we very occasionally have to remove hens for their own safety from the rest of their flock. They end up in our Hen Hospital and we have lots of lovely local supporters who are happy to nurture them back to health. The chances are if we put the ‘girls’ back in with the others again, they would be bullied again, so they are often better off in a smaller garden setting. Some end up as our own family pets too.

We currently have Peggy who had an injured foot that we nursed back to health. Although she still limps around the garden slightly, she is doing really well apart from that. We also have an ‘Emo’ hen, who no matter what we’ve tried can’t grow her feathers back. We’ve now come to the conclusion she self harms and pulls them out herself bless her.

If you’re interested in re-homing any of our hens, either the injured or those at the end of their time here on the farm, please do get in touch. Tel: 01825 723253